Put your project clones on the path to success everywhere, for everyone.

Pacer turns leadership vision into organized, scalable success

Visualize and Streamline Your Multi-Site Projects and Openings

1. Import your tasks.

2. Choose which locations.

3. Pacer builds the rest.

Pacer’s dashboard connects people, locations, and projects in real-time.

Repetitive projects have massive needs: you need aggregated dashboards, reports, and reminders so you can measure ROI and ensure every team completes the project consistently and on time.

Repetitive projects have a massive advantage: the power to improve over time. Pacer empowers and harnesses this power.

Discover how easy and reliable it is for you to connect people, locations, and projects in real-time to respond to business needs rapidly.

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Pacer’s analytics help manage & keep track of team progress.

Command + Control

We make it easy to connect people with projects, reduce admin costs, and simplify user access to help you stay in control every step of the way and do more from one central location to get more done anywhere in the world.

Aggregated Results

Assign cloned tasks to teams, track accountability, and learn who's doing what - and when. Aggregated results track the big picture so you can focus on the details, fine-tune tasks on the fly, and keep projects moving.

Tools for success.

Simultaneously updating teams working on copies of the same hotel pre-opening checklist is just one of Pacer's many features that gives your project a competitive advantage.

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Stay in control of projects from rollout to completion with easy to read analytics.

Stakeholder solutions

Discover actionable solutions to complex problems that align with Stakeholder's vision to solve their project demands.

Solutions by Stakeholder
Assign cloned tasks to teams and track accountability with easy visuals.

Get more done in less time

Keep control of your pre-opening checklist from rollout to completion with simple solutions designed to smooth critical path speed bumps facing your industry and help your business reach the market faster.

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Out of many, one

Holistic integration brings together everyone, everywhere, to increase efficiency by simplifying communication across different locations and boosting day-to-day productivity. Collecting data, receiving feedback, updating tasks, and tracking accountability help you manage teams more efficiently. Multi-location businesses also gain a competitive advantage by delivering a cohesive strategic vision to everyone, ensuring projects run smoothly everywhere.

Trust but Verify

Not only can you trust projects are getting completed, but Pacer allows you to verify projects are getting done correctly and efficiently - even providing you a way to see they are complete the way you want.

Verify projects are getting done correctly and efficiently.

Unlimited performance.

Specifically designed to manage multiple teams/locations, Pacer's advanced, intuitive tools provide powerful analytics to optimize outcomes giving your projects a competitive advantage from rollout to completion.
Manage multiples of the same project unlike other PM apps.

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Trusted by stakeholders and teams across the globe.

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