Pacer presents you with a scalable product ready to be adapted to your organization.

More than Task Management

When you work with Pacer, you receive so much more than a great platform to manage your teams’ projects. Our dedicated team provides you with the utmost care from setup to success. With Pacer, you get access to knowledgeable team members, hand-holding care and ongoing support.

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Implementation Support

At Pacer, we understand the complexity and sheer volume of managing complex project lists. We will hold your hand through the process of organizing your current checklists, formatting them into Excel for import and getting your projects up and running.

Client Success Manager

When you work with Pacer, you get access to one of our knowledgeable and helpful Client Success Specialists. Our team is well versed in the nuances of project management and experts in Pacer’s application to help you and your team make sure rollouts are smooth and best practices are enforced.

Migration Services

If you have current projects in your current solution, Pacer can help migrate your existing projects into Pacer, including current statuses and assignments. Pacer will make sure that the migration goes as smoothly as possible so that your teams can remain focused on the tasks at hand.


Pacer is committed to providing you will as much information as you need to navigate our application. From initial training for admins, stakeholder webinars so that your executive team knows how to manage the portfolio, to location-leader introductions. Pacer understands that different users need to do and see different things, and we help each stakeholder group understand how Pacer best works for them. In addition, Pacer has a library of both videos and help documentation so that you can get answers to your questions whenever you need.

Pacer Cadence

Pacer Cadence is a free webinar for Pacer administrators, baseline managers, project and implementation leads, and curious observers. Through product talks and workshops, the Pacer team shares details about recent enhancements, forthcoming features, and functionality refreshers. External speakers explore the technological forces shaping their world.

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