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Pay per user or pay by task bundle and get everything you need to make your project a success. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll get industry-leading features and functionality that afford you the flexibility to give your teams a competitive edge. To learn more about which plan is right for you, read about the many cost-saving and time-saving benefits below.

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starting at$988/month
Billed Annually
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Designed for small companies and teams for basic implementations, onboarding, or openings.


Project Deployment Wizard

"Out of the box" audience-specifc & aggregated Dashboards

Powerful project orchestration workflows

Synchronized Tasks across locations and teams

Gantt, Calendar, and Workfload Visibility

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starting at$1185/month
Billed Annually
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Great for mid-size to large companies with multiple locations or teams and multiple implementations.

Includes Everything in Jog, and:

API Calls

Single-Sign On Capability

Location and User Import Capability

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starting at$1896/month
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Premium option for large companies needing exclusive project management functions, workflows, and additional integrations.

Includes Everything in Run, and:

More advanced PM functionality

Individual Task Status Webhooks

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We will work with you to create a tailored plan for your team.
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Includes Everything In Sprint:

Speak with us about thoughtfully selected features, enhancements and integrations.

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Project Orchestration Workflows


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Bulk Add/Edit/Change tasks across multiple locations/teams
Engagement analytics/dashboards show overall progress and pinpoint locations lagging behind
Grant users dynamic access to groups of locations or teams
File approval workflow for designated tasks
Require location teams to certify project implementation
Group individuluals by team or location rather than projects.
Assign tasks in bulk according to job titles
Past-due notifications match users’ local date globally
Merge templates to ensure locations receive only relevant tasks
Workflow for each location to appoint a key individual (Coach) per project as the point of contact
Bulk Broken link/URL replacement utility
Crowdsourced feedback for continuous task improvement
Manage exemption requests from locations
File Storage5 GB10 GB15 GB
Unlimited Users
Company Overview
Location Dashboard
Calendar View
Table View
Gantt View
Workload Visibility
My Workspace
Project Features
Project Management
Project Coaches
Project Certification
Baseline Management
Location Task List
Synchronized Task Updates
Comprehensive Commenting
Task Tags
Location Tags
Task Pre-Requisites
Task Steps
Task Financials
Task Effort
Project History
Locations Import
User Import
Multi Project Reference Dates
Personalized Data Filters
Task Status Settings
Task Validation Settings
Reporting & Accountability
Email Notifications
Start Date
Feedback Loop
Access & Security
Access anywhere
Mobile App (Android & iOS)
File Sharing & Linking
File Approval
Add to Calendar and Share
API Calls
Microsoft Teams
Google Workspace
Task Status Change Webhook
Support & Services
Email Support
IM Support
Customer Success Representative
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What is an "in-flight" task for the Unlimited Users plan?

An in-flight task is a task that needs to be actioned. For example, a task with a status of Not Started or In Progress would be considered in-flight.

Inversely, any task that has already been completed is excluded from inflight tasks; tasks marked as not applicable are excluded; and any task that was part of a project which has been retired is excluded from in-flight tasks. In theory these tasks are no longer placing demand on our servers and thus you should not be paying for them.

How does the Unlimited Users Model work?
You pay a flat price per month based on the number of in-flight tasks across an unlimited number of locations and unlimited projects. The plan’s flexibility lets you select one bundle and increase or decrease as needed. It also provides simpler administration, saving you time and money. You no longer need to inactivate users or locations that do not have any active projects in order to reduce expenses.
How do I know how many in-flight tasks I need?
Use the calculator to gauge the best plan for your teams. As a rule of thumb, multiply the typical number of projects by the average number of tasks per project, multiplied by the number of locations, and then multiply by 0.6. Keep in mind some projects are ending just as others are beginning.
What makes Pacer different from other PM apps?
For us, it’s all about multiples. We assign the same task(s) to different users/teams/locations. Most PM apps just copy the template over and over. We don’t. We copy tasks — often using bulk wizards — while connecting the clones to the template so you can edit all copies as you go. You don’t have to worry about crossing every ’t’ or dotting every ‘i’ to get your project started, which means you can deploy faster, update teams better, and add tasks as you learn.
What is your cancellation policy?
You can terminate your agreement with us at any time. Of course, we’d be sad to see you go, but all we require is a written 30-day notice.
Can you change from Per User to Unlimited User pricing?
Yes. You can change your plan at any time. Just contact your account manager or email us at
Can you change payment plans?
Yes. You can change from Per User to Unlimited User or from Unlimited User to Per User. Just contact us at
Do you offer Single Sign On (SSO)?
Yes, and we encourage it. Users don't have to remember multiple passwords, thereby increasing productivity, and it also provides enhanced security if an employee is no longer working for you. We provide Single Sign-on (SSO) Integration with your company's Identity Provider that supports SAML 2.0 including but not limited to: ADFS, Azure AD, Facebook, Google, Office 365, Okta, OneLogin, Ping Identity, Salesforce, Shibboleth and others.
What can I do with your REST API?
You can do a lot. Some clients use Pacer’s REST API to gather statistics and use them as reports in other apps such as Tableau or Salesforce. Other customers use our APIs to reduce admin tasks such as adding + editing locations or adding + inviting users.
How secure is Pacer?
As more and more sensitive data is transmitted online, cybersecurity has become a key consideration for companies. Pacer is SOC 2 Type II certified, verified by a top third-party auditor. SOC 2 Type II is one of the top security certifications for SaaS platforms, providing assurance that Pacer has an effective security program and that your data is protected.
Which pricing plan is right for me?
We know every organization is unique with its own set goals and objectives. Pacer has tiers to deliver the right features and benefits that you need. You can view the features chart and tiers above to help decide which tier fits your needs the best or contact one of our sales managers for suggestions.
Can I pay in my local currency?
We support processing payments in 135+ currencies, but you will be billed in US dollars.
How do you handle enhancements and upgrades?
As with most SaaS applications, any enhancement or upgrade to the current app is done based on user experiences and needs gathered through numerous sources including feedback from users, beta groups, surveys, search requests, industry news, and company sponsor needs. We also deploy all app enhancements on a regular/sprint cycle, so you always have the latest features at your fingertips.
Can I customize the app and turn on/off features/functionality?

Yes. Pacer allows you to identify every task and location by a set of attributes to help with filtering and reporting. You can customize these attributes to fit your company and project needs. For example, you will be able to add or edit department and discipline names for tasks, or brands, areas, regions, continents, and other fields that identify locations.

We understand that sometimes less is more. That’s why if you are not currently using a feature within your tier, you have the option to turn it off and turn it on again whenever your company needs change.

Pro Tip: Turning a feature off that is in your tier will reduce visual elements in the app, making it even easier for your users to pivot and get the job done. For example, you can turn on/off a task’s Start Date, Anticipated Effort, Pre-Requisites, or Steps for Completion to help your team stay focused on the specific task at hand.