Solve complex problems faster and more efficiently.

meets proficiency.

Pacer helps multi-location businesses manage ongoing and pre-opening checklists to help manage and solve complex problems faster and more efficiently. Instead of just copying a task, Pacer connects clones and keeps them tied together to give you more ways to analyze the data. You can aggregate results, make changes in bulk, and learn what's working and what's not. Transparency lets you keep track of completed tasks and follow-up with those falling behind, so your vision stays on the path to success.

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See it in action.
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View project dashboards and schedule reports with Pacer.

actionable data

Pacer turns task management data into action by giving you command and control. Prioritize time-sensitive tasks, export stats and insights into weekly status reports, access multiple views of project milestones to troubleshoot potential delays on the horizon and keep the focus on finishing the project.

React to learning

Pacer is all about making your multi-location business more efficient by eliminating redundancy and versions, boosting productivity, saving administrators and team managers costly time and expense.

Rollout projects now and update tasks in bulk as you learn.
Pacer keeps projects moving smoothly, from task to task.
Deploy and update multiple tasks to all of your teams.

Faster deployment
with consistency

Pacer reduces unnecessary redundancies that do more than save time and admin costs — it keeps projects moving smoothly, from task to task. Connect insights, share files, manage updates, schedule emails and push notifications to time-zone, so projects stay on pace and your business ahead of the competition.

Pacer’s intuitive & simple design is easy to manage.
Administrators and teams can get more done in less time.


Flexibility and usability are key, and Pacer gives you plenty of both. Our pricing model, simplified user visibility and customizable options allow admins to save without cutting corners. The intuitively simple design is easy to manage, so administrators and teams can get more done in less time.

Staying on pace

Pacer puts your project, from critical path opening checklist to project rollouts, on the fast track to success with timely, actionable data that lets you deploy projects and update multiple tasks in bulk to all of your teams/locations in less than a minute - automatically updating everyone every-where, every-time. Tweak tasks, change deadlines, update teams on the fly, and never lose sight of where you are and where you're going.

Share files, manage updates, and schedule emails with Pacer.

As versatile as reliable, Pacer connects you to what your project needs most: simple solutions. Its intuitive design and easy-to-use interface bring everyone and everything together to solve complex problems and create successful outcomes.

Pacer takes care of the busy work so you can get things done quickly, efficiently and focus on what’s next.

Discover the many ways Pacer can work for you — from pre-opening checklists to ensuring brand consistency to onboarding new employees and rolling out the most up-to-date protocols. Pacer helps you with task management and more.

We’ll keep you and your projects on the path to success from the rollout to completion.

An adaptable solution for complex projects.

Pre Openings Checklists /
Conversions / Transitions
Sales Growth Initiatives
Property Improvement Plans
Marketing Campaign Alignment
New Menu Rollouts/Menu Changes
SOP Implementations
Technical Services/IT Implementation
Annual Budget Planning
Property Improvement Plans
HR Programs/Onboarding
Employee Retention
Health Protocols
New Procedures
Due Diligence

Powerful analytics.
Unlimited potential.

Another way to work smarter, another reason to choose Pacer. Easy-to-use tools designed to enhance your performance and unleash your project’s potential. Why settle for less when Pacer gives you so much more.
Manage multiples of the same project.

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