Pacer lets leaders collaborate with teams/locations anywhere in the world.

for everyone.

Pacer provides straightforward, actionable solutions to complex problems connecting stakeholders to successful, best outcomes from rollout to completion.

The intuitive design and easy-to-use interface let leaders collaborate with teams/locations anywhere in the world to keep tasks moving at a steady pace and projects finishing on time.

Say goodbye to sending endless streams of emails. By providing location teams a streamlined way to action tasks, leadership gains enhanced transparency, reporting, and flexibility — a win-win for everybody.

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Streamlining communication is a win-win for everybody — from project administrators to leaders.
Company Overview helps beat competition to market & increase revenue.

C-level Executives

Pacer does it all to help your project avoid delays and reduce expenses, so you can beat the competition to the market and increase revenue. Measure KPIs to stay in touch with teams/locations in real-time and use actionable data with strategic insights to keep projects moving forward, on schedule. Ensure everyone is implementing your company vision and running up to speed by verifying tasks are getting completed and milestones are met on schedule. Pacer connects you to everyone — and everything, everywhere.


We are working through checklists that breaks out tasks between multiple players from different offices. It is simple and well designed. We've been on track throughout the entire process because of this software. Very simple to use dashboard concept with all the bells and whistles you would expect and more.

R. Foster
Chief Operating Officer

Brand Leaders

Pacer gives you the tools, resources, and insights to take charge and lead your teams from project rollout to completion.

We’ll help you successfully navigate and react quickly to the ever-changing dynamics of today’s marketplace. You’ll adapt to evolving customer preferences, communicate effectively with your teams to implement strategies, boost brand alignment, and increase customer loyalty—all in the single, easy-to-use project management app that is Pacer.

Location Dashboard: boost brand alignment and increase customer loyalty.

4MyRollout is used for more than just rolling out new products or offerings, but it is also used to update procedures, communicate to teams across different regions new priorities.

Hard Rock
Lead with Pacer
The Project Portal and Dashboards are your Command Center.

Project Manager

Welcome to the command center. Here you’re in charge of coordinating multiple teams working on the same project. With Pacer, you have the power to enhance project engagement, increase control, and reduce risk while knowing your project is put into action consistently across all teams. No more cloning the same project or task over and over — Pacer does the busy work for you — so you can focus on other things like refining checklists to be even more effective or updating tasks in-progress based on user feedback. 360º reporting gives you project updates in real-time, so you can see how your teams are performing and smooth over any speed bumps that are slowing them down.


Provides our project team a tool to deploy new, complex, multi-step projects and assess deployment status from an enterprise level.

Evangeline G.
Director, Change Management + Deployment
Marriott Intl
Lead with Pacer

Team/Location Users

Pacer makes it easy for team members and everyday users to know what needs to get done without sorting through hundreds of emails. Everything is in one convenient, easy to access place with links to get more information when needed.

Users – no formal training or instruction needed.

Probably the most intuitive application I've ever used. I had to activate an emergency project on a day notice. With no formal training or instruction, everyone was able to plug-in and start performing. The visibility, dashboard status updates, and reporting functions are exactly what we needed. Completely exceeded my expectations!

S. Mirevski
General Manager
Admins save time managing users, teams/locations, and templates.


Pacer is more than a project management app — it also helps administrators save time managing users, teams/locations, and baseline templates.

One big time-saver is managing access. Users self-register, so you only have to review and approve without adding personal details or doing any follow-up. You can set user profile rules to grant automatic access, so you don’t have to remember to give existing users additional access every time you create a new team/location.

Pacer makes day-to-day upkeep easier by connecting task dates to the project completion date. If delays happen, you only have to change the completion date while everything else recalculates automatically.


Weekly we run the [Past Due Tasks] report. We review all the departments and run all the weekly calls and review late tasks. We focus on areas that are concerning and late. We can track how many people we need on each task, how long it takes. We have been able to create a productivity graph.

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