Unlocking Success: The Power and Importance of Strong and Consistent Openings for Brands

Pacer Interview with Perry Dunbar

Pacer sat down with Perry Dunbar, our Director of Brand Engagement, to get his thoughts on successful openings and how to "open hot". Perry has over 22 years of experience with a global leader in hotels, with half of that time working with openings across multiple brands. In today's fast-paced and competitive market, capturing attention from the outset is crucial, and Pacer's innovative solutions are here to help you achieve it. Below are some insights from Perry:

1. Setting the Stage: The Art of Brand Openings

Just like the opening act of a play or concert, a brand's first impressions are vital in capturing attention and setting the tone for success. Whether it's a website, product launch, campaign, or project, these initial moments can make or break a brand's connection with its audience. It's important to use technology in the opening process that pulls all of the teams together, just like the conductor pulls together the members of the orchestra. The true success of an opening is not to get the team to opening day, just as the orchestra is going to play more than just the first note but instead presents an ever-lasting piece of music.

2. Grabbing Attention: The Science Behind Strong Openings

In today's era of shrinking attention spans, brands face a daunting challenge in capturing and retaining customer attention. A strong opening must be concise, emotionally resonant, and capable of conveying the brand's unique value proposition from day one. It should leave an uplifting and indelible mark on consumers.


In today's competitive landscape, strong and consistent openings are essential for brands to thrive. They serve as the gateway to building trust, attracting and retaining customers, and driving business growth. Pacer's innovative technology applications enable brands to create impactful openings and ensure consistency in their engagements. Let's collaborate to unlock your brand's true potential. Visit Pacer ( today, and let our cutting-edge technology shape the success of your openings and projects.