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The Challenge

Hyatt recognized an opportunity to improve its existing project implementation system that is used at its hotels and took proactive steps to identify a new best-in-class provider. The user experience was a principal concern, with stakeholders finding the then-existing interface complex to use. This was leading to a loss of engagement with the tool among Hyatt’s core users — including strategic and operation-level team members — causing many of them to revert to their individually preferred methods, like using Excel spreadsheets and personal checklists to complete tasks, instead of following the Hyatt’s procedures for hotel operations.

From a management perspective, there were specific areas that were at the forefront of needing improvement that impacted daily deliverables, such as updating task instructions across all hotels, as well as managing configurations and personalizing the system. Feedback received also highlighted the lack of flexibility within the system and the duration that it took to complete a transfer access request from one hotel to another.

Only 46% of organizations make project management a cultural priority — despite statistical proof that a mature project management process makes an organization far more likely to deliver on time and under budget. Hyatt recognized this and took actions to make sound project implementation a key cultural priority. Source: PMI

The Solution

Hyatt identified a clear need for a new project implementation solution to better manage its multi-site operations and provide a better user experience. Hyatt approached Pacer, a project implementation solution provider, to explore the potential for collaboration. The personal attention and understanding between both parties made the initial discussions smooth and fruitful. The fact that Pacer's representatives, Rich Moshenek and Kristan Boyko, came from hospitality backgrounds helped them understand the circumstances of Hyatt's needs.

One decisive factor that eased Hyatt's transition was Pacer's decision to provide access to a “sandbox” environment. This enabled Hyatt to explore the new system in a risk-free setting, acquaint themselves with its functionalities and determine if it met their specific requirements.

Also contributing to the success of the transition was Pacer’s commitment to ensure a smooth transition. Pacer and Hyatt worked together to help core users move to the new project implementation solution and did so with Hyatt’s Purpose of Care as the foundation for ensuring that all impacted colleagues felt supported.


“Making a fundamental change to how Hyatt helps hotels open is huge,” said David Jeffery, Senior Manager of Global Hotel Operational Services, Hyatt. “Change in this industry isn't just about adapting to a new system or learning another password. It's about navigating the emotions intertwined with our love for providing an exceptional experience. Each change, even towards better efficiency, requires compassion and understanding. And while we could rely on Pacer to be easy to use, we did a lot to drive engagement and usher our stakeholders into this major new platform.”

David Jeffery
Senior Manager of Global Hotel Operational Services, Hyatt

The transition included structured training and regular stakeholder calls held by Kristan Boyko, which greatly aided in the successful changeover. The intuitiveness of the Pacer platform allowed Hyatt colleagues to quickly become familiar with Pacer to a degree that they could independently address the queries and issues that arose, minimizing the need to contact Pacer's team. This autonomy was a strong selling point, proving the system user-friendly and intuitive.

Pacer offered a blend of simplicity, intuitiveness, and comprehensive support, making it an ideal choice for Hyatt's new project implementation system.

A positive correlation exists between project management software and project performance. The use of project management software is commonplace, and for good reason — it is linked to high performing projects. 77% of companies use project management software. Source:

Results (That Matter)

Following implementing the Pacer system, Hyatt experienced positive outcomes, including:

  • Improved efficiency: Implementing Pacer’s project implementation system led to increased team efficiency. It facilitated smoother collaboration among team members, contributing to enhanced operational performance.
  • User-friendly and simplified task management: The intuitive interface was a key feature that contributed to a more positive user experience, making the tool straightforward to use. It also made it easier for colleagues to find their assignments. Meaningful dashboards and reports simplified the management and monitoring of tasks and operations.
  • Positive reception and trust: Pacer’s technology and onboarding team was well-received at Hyatt, reflecting its commitment to provide personalized service and support to the hospitality industry and the enable trust with core users of the platform.
  • Reduced training time: Pacer required significantly less time for training, compared to other providers. This reduction in training time allowed colleagues to devote more time to their core responsibilities and increase task performance across the board.
  • Collaborative impact: Switching to Pacer resulted in increased overall task completion and on-time task completion, greater awareness of potential risks at an opening, and improved collaboration across roles. An overall positive sentiment strongly indicated that the transition to the new project implementation solution was beneficial and contributive to the team’s morale, goals and productivity.
Less than 1 in 4 organizations use project management software. The rest are working with Excel, paper or a patchwork of tools with sub-optimal integration. As a result, 54% of organizations cannot track KPIs in real time.Source: Wellingtone’s The State of Project Management Report

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