5 Things Brands Need in a Brand Enablement Solution

Innovative brands are constantly seeking ways to ensure the success of their projects and openings, maximize productivity, and integrate seamlessly into complex workflows. At Pacer, we support our customers with these challenges, and our brand enablement solution is designed to address them head-on. Below are five insights our customers have taught us about what brands need to enable their vision:

1. Complete and On-Time Project Completion Correlates with ROI Realization

One of the most critical aspects of brand enablement is ensuring that projects are completed on time and effectively to realize a return on investment (ROI). Too often, a significant amount of money and effort goes into planning projects, but execution at the locations where these brand or company implementations must come to life needs improvement. This is because managing across many locations and obtaining real-time status updates is something traditional checklists or project applications don't do well. Brands require a solution with features designed to streamline project workflows, highlight disengaged locations, and easily assign, track, and validate task completion across multiple teams. This leads to faster ROI realization and a competitive edge in the market.

2. How you communicate impacts Time Savings and Maximizing Productivity

Even a simple task, when it needs to be completed by or for every location, can quickly consume a lot of time and resources. Brands need solutions that communicate effectively to save time and maximize productivity. Instead of relying on phone or web calls and more meetings to determine the status, having excellent tracking and dashboards across the enterprise is essential. By reducing meetings, manual tasks, and automating repetitive processes, brands can allocate their resources more effectively and focus on high-impact activities.

3. Use tools that allow for Seamless Integration and Customizability

Complex organizations often require solutions that seamlessly integrate with existing workflows. Often, third-party applications don't align with your organization's geographical or organizational setup. It's essential to have a flexible application that aligns with your company structure and nomenclature. Not having this capability means wasting time translating the outputs from the application into how your company operates and is organized.

4. Deliver the Right Information to the Right Audience

Effective brand enablement hinges on delivering the correct information to the right audience and tailoring it appropriately – property, corporate, region, district, etc. This means not only assigning the correct tasks to each location but also incorporating role-based access control and data segmentation features to ensure that information is distributed only to those who need it. This enhances security and fosters focus and accountability among team members. When everyone has access to information relevant to their roles, decision-making becomes more precise, and projects run more smoothly.

5. Aggregated and Visibility of Progress drives Data-Driven Insights

To make informed decisions and track overall progress, brands need aggregated visibility of their projects and initiatives across their entire enterprise. Robust dashboards, reporting, and data aggregation capabilities provide a holistic view of your organization's performance. Reporting should be available to analyze the performance of each location, each franchisee, each region, each project, and each task. This data-driven approach empowers brands to identify areas for improvement, uncover insights, and make strategic decisions that drive success. In conclusion, a comprehensive brand enablement solution should encompass these five crucial elements: on-time project completion, time-saving productivity, seamless integration, targeted information delivery, and aggregated visibility. Are you interested in learning more about how Pacer can elevate your brand enablement efforts? Reach out to us today and discover how our solution can drive success for your brand!